#GlobalHelpingHand - #GHH - Toni's Projects

#GlobalHelpingHand - #GHH - Toni's Projects

Toni is a compassionate Doctor dedicated to help others, he donates food, money, items, etc. to people in need in Mexico. You can see more of his journey here.

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Donate here 👉🏻 PayPal.Me Donaciones aqui!

Go to paypal.me/vptoni and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.

Ms. Rosa Needs your help!

Apoyemos a la Sra. Rosa 🙏😞, quien vive en calle liberta # 85 (aprox.) en Buenavista de Cañedo, Jalisco, ella tiene ya...

Natural disaster - Help Sinaloa Mexico

Hoy nos unimos por nuestros hermanos de Sinaloa que pasan una dura situación 😞 / Today we work together to help our brothers and sisters that are going through this difficult situation.

Genoveva needs resources for dialysis.

La Sra Genoveva no cuenta con recursos ni para poder adaptar un pequeño cuartito para que la dialisen 😞./ Ms. Genoveva doesn't have resources to adapt a little room for her dialysis.

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