#GlobalHelpingHand - #GHH - Education for Nepal

#GlobalHelpingHand - #GHH - Education for Nepal

* Build a school with 6 classrooms and a teacher training centre

👉 [GoFundme] Build a school in Nepal

As a primary school teacher at Inner Sydney Montessori School in Sydney, I was recently fortunate enough to travel to Kathmandu to take part in a Teaching prac which soon turned into the most life...

'A Christmas gift' the children of Kavre will never forget

After already building his first school in Nepal’s southern region six months ago, Gavin McCormack, a primary school teacher and principal from Sydney has given the children of Thulidar, Kavrepalanchowk, located high in the Himalayas, a Christmas gift they’ll never forget.

After Watching the Film ‘Lion’ he decided to Build School in Nepal with $4,000.

This is a story of how watching the film ‘Lion’ and one Facebook message changed one man’s life forever and potentially the education system of an entire country. My name is Gavin…

“Today we made the national…

Today we made the national newspapers. My students have been creating their own flash cards for Nepal to educate the children in areas that are less …