#GlobalHelpingHand - #GHH - Baby Hoai

#GlobalHelpingHand - #GHH - Baby Hoai

Baby Hoai, a little Vietnamese girl with Hydrocephalus needs help to cover the medical costs of her treatments.

Direct donation to Gleneagles Hospital

If you are able to donate any amount, you can do so directly to Gleneagles Hospital through their online payment portal, and by inputting the baby's name, Hoai Thuong and the amount you wish to donate.

Thu Ha Vu

Con yêu củame! Trời sing hôm nay nay thật kỳ cục sáng mưa chiều nắng. Lòng của mẹ bây giờ cũng vậy. Chẳng biết đang vui...

Gilbert Cheah

Update: I went to Gleneagles Hospital today to visit baby Hoai, the little Vietnamese girl with Hydrocephalus who is...